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Your Wedding

Ryan LaPlante/ Ryan LaPlante Creative                      gestions.  It really was the easiest way to plan a wed-
                                                           ding and that was very important to us.  All my friends                              who had traditional weddings were jealous of the easy
                                                           planning process we had.
What was most important to you in planning
your wedding?                                              Why did you choose a destination wedding? 
The most important factor was to have an easy plan-        We chose a destination wedding because it gave us
ning process.  Having a destination wedding was the        the opportunity to spend quality time with our family
best choice for us because we didn’t want to spend         and friends for an extended period of time vs. just one
time meeting with local vendors trying to decide who       day.  As we grow up, the quality time with extend-
has the best deal, who is available, etc.  With a des-     ed family and friends becomes less and less and we
tination wedding at Hard Rock, you have a wedding          wanted to get everyone together in a place we would
coordinator who helps you plan everything!  When you       all enjoy and celebrate this special moment in our
feel “stuck” in your vision, they are there to offer sug-

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