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lives.  A destination wedding                             onsite and still have so many types of entertainment
was always in the cards for                               available.  It took the pressure off us feeling like we had
me and once I met Seth and                                to entertain everyone because we were the wedding
he liked the idea too, it was a                           couple… the resort does all of that for you!  The resort
definite plan!  The value of a                            credit was a major bonus as well.  Our guests planned
destination wedding allows                                the rest of their vacation doing activities they wanted. 
you to add some “wow” factors
to the wedding celebration and                            What was your favorite thing about your big day? 
it creates an experience your                             Of course it was marrying Seth and celebrating with
guests will never forget.                                 everyone! But, I have to say all the surprise elements
                                                          we added to our wedding were 100% worth it!  We had
Which venue did you use?                                  fireworks after our first kiss and a full firework dis-
We got married at Hard Rock                               play during our first dance. We had a traditional Latin
Hotel Riviera Maya.  It was the                           experience, Hora Loca, (crazy hour) come in half way
perfect choice for our family                             through the reception with dancers and acrobatic en-
and friends because we had                                tertainment as well as a DJ during our reception and it
a few kids traveling with us                              kept the party going all night.  We kept these surprises
but mostly a lot of adults, so                            a secret from all our guests (even our parents!) which
having both the adults-only                               was the best idea!  When the fireworks shot off, they
section and the family-friend-                            were all so excited because they didn’t expect it!  
ly section was ideal. We also
liked having Club Heaven right                            Describe your day in 3 sentences? 
onsite for the late nights and                            Our wedding day was the most incredible day of our
after wedding reception party.                            lives.  From the beautiful setting and the elegant decor
Hard Rock Riviera Maya is the                             to the smiles on each face, it couldn’t have been a more
perfect balance of romance,                               perfect day. I know our guests will always remember
luxury and FUN!                                           our wedding! 

How many attendees did we have?                           What was the best experience about the planning
We had 5 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen.  Non-tradi-         process? 
tional in a sense but we had multiple friends contribute  I think going into a destination wedding planning
in celebrating our wedding day, including our musi-       experience you sort of feel like you may be limited on
cians.  We had friends play the guitar and hand drum      options because you are unsure if your vision can come
throughout the ceremony and it was a beautiful touch.     to life several thousands of miles away from home. That
                                                          was definitely not the case.  Every idea I had and every
What were your favorite resort activities?                decor request I made was fulfilled. I really enjoyed hav-
The entertainment and activities available at Hard        ing a planner in Miami to work with prior to the wed-
Rock made entertaining our guests so easy!  Whether       ding and then switching to the onsite wedding team
it be beach volleyball, hanging in the pool interacting   who executed everything for us. It was truly seamless. 
with the entertainment staff, listening to music at the
Sun Bar or dancing in Club Heaven… everyone had the       What was your favorite memory of your wedding day? 
BEST time!                                                Our first dance.  It was the first moment we got a bit
                                                          of time for ourselves to slow down and really soak in
Which was your favorite resort amenity?                   the moments of the day.  We had the fireworks around
Club Heaven and all the entertainment options!  This      the dance floor and then a full fireworks display to end
was PERFECT for my group of family and friends. When      the song and it was the moment our guests knew the
traveling with 125 people it is great to be able to stay  evening fun was about to start!

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