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      DestinationsTHERE                                          2YO.4U
                                                            DID          MKNIOLWL  ITOHANT
                                                            U.S. WEDDINGS PER YEAR?

                                                              Of these marriages, 24% of them are
                                                            destination weddings. That’s 384,000-

                                                              480,000 destinations wedding each
                                                                 year, and that number is growing.
                                                                    The average cost of a traditional
                                                                       wedding is over $30,000. This
                                                                       is the wedding day only, not a
                                                                       honeymoon. The average cost
                                                                             of a destination wedding
                                                                          is under $10,000 (including
                                                                     flights, all-inclusive resort for a
                                                                         week, ceremony, reception.)

Year after year, our couples find that Riviera Maya,        tination choice for our brides, it is the top destination
Mexico offers the best resorts and the best value for       choice for our personal travels as well. Time and again,
destination weddings. Despite it’s unfair bad press         we pack up our families and travel to Mexico for work
lately, Mexico is by far the top wedding destination for    as well as pleasure. We know and love this destination,
US based brides. Over 35 million people visited Mexico      and highly recommend it.
in 2016, putting Mexico in the top 10 visited country
in the world. Couples will find that flights to Mexico      Before publishing our list of recommended desti-
are numerous, easy and reasonable when compared to          nation wedding locations, we carefully thought of
most Caribbean destinations. This leaves more room          aspects most important when planning destination
in the guest budget for a higher quality resort. With       weddings. We chose locations based on travel time,
5 star properties, world class golf courses, World Heri-    legal requirements, all-inclusive resort availability, cost
tage sites, genuine hospitality and hundreds of miles       and weather. Of course, there are other destinations
of pristine beaches, Mexico is often the best choice for    (St. Lucia, Antigua, St. John, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico,
destination weddings.                                       Costa Rica, just to name a few), and really, the world
                                                            is yours for the choosing. The destinations we have
Knowing this, you can expect us to discuss Mexico as a      listed here are the ones most frequently chosen by our
possible destination with you. It is not only the top des-  wedding couples.

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