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Destination Wedding?

    W ho hasn’t dreamed of running off and                Please contact us to discuss your destina-
               getting married in some deliciously        tion wedding plans. While there is a world
               romantic location? Whether your            of options, we specialize in Mexico and the
     wedding dream consists of mountains and              Caribbean for US based couples and our ser-
     lakes or beaches and palm trees, just you and        vices are complimentary.
     your soon-to-be or with a long list of dear
     family and friends, a destination wedding is         DESTINATION WEDDINGS ARE . . .
     the perfect way to begin your life together.We       EASY! Most resorts have full-time wedding
     understand the anxiety that comes with plan-         coordinators on site to assist with all the
     ning a wedding in a foreign destination, so our      details of your ceremony and reception. The
     job is to eliminate the stress by taking on the      wedding coordinator and Romance Travel
     travel planning details for you. Our goal is for     Group work together to make your dream
     you to thoroughly enjoy your destination wed-        wedding a reality.
     ding day, knowing that all of the details have
     been taken care of for you.With Romance              MEMORABLE! Your family and friends will
     Travel Group by your side, all of the difficulty of  never forget your wedding day experience.
     destination wedding planning is gone!                They will thank you for hosting such an
                                                          incredible event. The memories you make
     WE WILL:                                             will last a lifetime, and the photos will be
     •	 Assist with the selection of a destina-
          tion wedding location that fits your            COST-EFFECTIVE! Destination weddings are
          dreams and budget                               less expensive than traditional weddings.
                                                          Many resorts have free wedding packages
     •	 Help you understand the legal re-                 and all-inclusive resorts often include a
          quirements of getting married in your           dinner reception for you and your guests at
          destination                                     no extra charge.

     •	 Introduce you to the wedding coordi-              A PERFECT WEDDING!
          nator at the resort, many of whom we            “Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. After
          know personally                                 we got engaged, we started looking around
                                                          for wedding venues and were floored by how
     •	 Make and manage travel arrangements
          for you and your guests

     •	 Oversee the entire destination wedding
          planning process from start to finish

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