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Planning                                                            DESTINATION

There are several things to consider when                             T​ ry to keep travel times within reason. For
planning a destination wedding. Here is a list                        example, you won’t want to plan a Hawaii
to get you thinking:                                       wedding if guests need to fly for 9 hours and can only
                                                           stay for 3 nights. Likewise, the more exotic islands
          BUDGET                                           can often require multiple airline connections to get
                                                           there. All guests will need a passport. Most resorts
           C​ onsider how much you’re comfortable          will require the bride, groom and witnesses to arrive 3
           having your guests pay for a 3 night vacation.  full days prior to the wedding ceremony.
Typically, budgets start at approximately $1,000 per
person for a 3 night, all-inclusive vacation including              RESORT
air, hotel, transfers, meals, drinks, tips and taxes. Re-
member though, you get what you pay for.                              ​Do you envision something small and
                                                                      intimate, or something loaded with activi-
          DATES                                            ties and energy? We highly recommend all-inclusive
                                                           resorts that include meals and drinks. This makes it so
           Y​ our wedding date will determine how much     much easier for your guests to budget for their trip.
           the trip will cost.                             And, many all-inclusive resorts include a semi-private
           ​                                               reception with their wedding packages, which saves
    PEAK SEASON = high rates: mid-Jan through Easter,      you money. Perhaps money that could be spent on a
    all holidays                                           nice upgrade to the honeymoon suite!
    MID-SEASON = average rates: Easter though Au-
    gust, early January                                             CEREMONY LOCATION
    LOW SEASON = low rates: September through early
    November, early December                                          B​ each, gazebo, garden, chapel? Resorts
                                                                      usually have many options for you to choose
You also want to make sure you give your guests            from based on your desires and number of guests.
enough time to plan and save for their trip. Sending a     Resorts also have a back up plan and location in case
Save The Date a year or more before your wedding is        of inclement weather.
a good idea.
                                                                    CEREMONY TYPE
                                                                      T​ here are two types of ceremonies for
           D​ on’t be upset if not everyone on your                   destination weddings. You can have a
           guest list can join you due to time or money    LEGAL ceremony, where you are legally married in
constraints. Generally, about 40% of those you invite      your destination and receive a marriage certificate
will be able to attend your destination wedding. Most      that is recognized at home. Legal ceremonies often
couples have a reception back at home to celebrate         cost a little more and require extra paperwork and
with those who were unable to attend.                      occasionally blood tests. Or, you can have a SYMBOLIC
                                                           ceremony that has no legal holding. To have a
                                                           symbolic ceremony, you would be legally married
                                                           at home by your clergy or courthouse before you
                                                           travel. At your destination wedding, you will celebrate
                                                           your union as if it were your actual wedding with
                                                           flowers, music, vows and other ceremony details. Your
                                                           guests will not know the difference between a legal
                                                           and symbolic ceremony. Approximately 80% of all
                                                           destination weddings are symbolic.

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